Legal area

The legal operations of the professional specialists at Sofiæ mainly focus on assistance for companies, including specialist consultancy and a diversified range of other services, working in synergy with our chartered accountant colleagues and financial advisor. The aim is to provide concrete, tailor-made support for the resolution of the problems which our clients have to deal with on a day to day basis, in areas such as civil and corporate law, industrial and intellectual property matters, taxation and legal disputes and proceedings before the courts at all levels of justice.
The legal team at Sofiæ offers assistance with the business challenges arising in M&A transactions, at each stage in the acquisition process, inclusive of the identification of the most efficient corporate structure, due diligence operations, the drafting of the deeds of purchase and related contracts, and the subsequent company reorganisation procedures.
Sofiae offers consultancy services on matters relating to real estate rights, offers assistance to its clients with property management and the resolution of the related disputes, and provides support throughout the sale and purchase process in real estate transactions.
Considerable attention is dedicated to questions relating to ongoing technological and digital evolution, which is becoming increasingly important to companies of all kinds, with a view to assisting entrepreneurs and companies overcome the challenges in this area and grasp the opportunities that the new technologies offer in terms of intangible assets and the corporate image, especially within the new dematerialised and immersive environments and the new markets and business opportunities to which they give access.
One of the key areas of focus at Sofiæ is support for clients intending to extend their business horizons by developing international relations, offering privileged access to the consolidated network of professional specialists belonging to the GGI Global Alliance, which is active throughout the world and, on the basis of its extensive experience in relations with foreign clients, has developed the capacities necessary to assist operators wishing to invest in Italy by guiding them through a system which can frequently seem bewilderingly complex to those encountering it for the first time.