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Our mission

The ability to deal with complex situations in a careful, practical, balanced and effective way is one of the key features of the professional specialists at Sofiæ – Solidoro Finulli & Partners – Chartered Accountants – Statutory Auditors and Solicitors, all of whom are accustomed to assisting and guiding their clients towards the most suitable solution in a flexible, efficient way, backed up by their solid experience and specific technical skills.

About us

Sofiæ – Solidoro Finulli & Partners is a team of professionals who have built up consolidated specialist experience and skills in the course of the years in solving all the problems which arise in the course of the ordinary and extraordinary running of an enterprise and in relation to personal taxation.
The professional specialists at Sofiæ occupy or have previously occupied positions on the boards of directors and supervisory bodies of international banking groups, companies listed on official stock markets, corporations and foundations, or as the chairpersons of boards of auditors. This has enabled them to develop the necessary skills to understand the requirements of the companies they assist “from the inside”.

Solidoro Finulli Partners

What we do

Sofiæ – Solidoro Finulli & Partners is a group of independent practices which have been operating for more than 30 years, offering highly specialised consultancy services in debt restructuring, corporate governance, forensic accounting, business valuation, Italian and international tax law and digital transformation.

Sofiæ has an international vision

Sofiæ – Solidoro Finulli & Partners is an independent member of GGI Global Alliance, the international organisation of chartered accountancy, auditors, law and corporate consultancy firms operating from more than 870 offices in over 125 countries throughout the world.

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Who we work for

Sofiæ – Solidoro Finulli & Partners mainly offers its services to medium and large enterprises. The specific nature of the services rendered enable Sofiæ to work alongside other professional specialists, at the request of our clients, in full observance of their respective skills and codes of ethics.

How to find us

We’re at Via Fontana 18, a short walk from the Courthouse building.

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