Due diligence

Due diligence is a process of vital importance for the acquisition and assessment of the precise, detailed information which is essential for operators engaging in company acquisitions or mergers. The closely knit team of chartered accountants and financial advisors at Sofiae works alongside the investors and business operators and backs them up in their development projects, by carrying out careful assessments of the effective financial, operating and legal positions of the target company, to enable the right financial decisions to be taken and reduce the risks involved in the transaction to the minimum.

The due diligence procedure is a key stage in each transaction of this kind, as it enables the operators to negotiate on the basis of verified data and becomes an inherent part of all the discussions and contacts between the parties.

Just as importantly, in-depth assessments of this kind may also lead to withdrawal from the transactions due to the fact that the results obtained fail to correspond with the presentation of the target company or, more simply, may enable the parties to proceed with a suitable adjustment of the offer price.

The aim of the Sofiae team is to back up the investor in this delicate process, starting from the identification of the relevant information, followed by an examination of the results of the inquiries and the risk assessment procedure, with a view to exploiting the opportunity offered to the full on the basis of the effective needs to be satisfied.